40th Anniversary and Christmas Concert

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Mandolins in the shape of 40

Concordia celebrates its 40th anniversary

Concordia celebrated 40 years of performing with a wonderful evening of music, memories and celebrations on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

Past players were invited to play with the ensemble or to join the audience which numbered over 100.

Two current members of Concordia played in its first concert in 1978. Noeline Sherwin and Judy John were both awarded Life Memberships of Concordia for their wonderful contributions to the ensemble.

A highlight of the evening, was the premiere of ‘Bishop’s Spell’ by Michelle Nelson. This piece was commissioned by Concordia’s current leader, Marion BlazĂ©. Marion’s parents were both musicians and involved with mandolin orchestras: Frank playing mandola and Ida playing recorder. This piece was commissioned to honour the memory of Frank and Ida Bishop and featured solos for both mandola and recorder. Our wonderful soloists on the night were Darryl Barron on mandola and Will Hardy on recorder.

We are still compiling a history of the Orchestra and would welcome any of your photos or memories.

Dec 1, 2018