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CDs may be purchased at performances or by contacting us on 0427 149 326 or 0417 303 774
Each CD costs Australian Dollars $ 20 plus postage and handling, if applicable.

Please Note: 'Ringing the Strings' CD has a production error where 1 track is repeated and 1 track missing. Replacement CDs may be obtained by
contacting one of the following:
Move Records email <> Phone 03 9497 3105
or by phone to above mobiles.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this error.

CD Ring Strings

    RINGING THE STRINGS                     

Produced by Move Records 2016 - MCD 557                      
 The Ensemble plays pieces by Gabriel Faure, Erik Satie, (arranged by Michelle Nelson)  Francois Menichetti,
 Peter Sculthorpe, Stephen Lalor and Michelle Nelson.     
Solo performances by Juliette Maxwell (accordion) and Michelle Wright (mandolin)               

CD Flight
Produced  by Move Records 2005 - MCD 298
The orchestra plays pieces by Albeniz, Paganini, Ambrosius, Paulsen, Wolki, Hoch,
Rimsky-Korsakov, Vivaldi, Menichetti and Hadjidakis which includes the accompaniment of  solo
performances for mandolin, guitar, flute and accordion.

CD Eclectic
Eclectic Collection
Produced by Move Records 1998 - MCD 121
The Ensemble plays pieces by Tober-Vogt, Lumbye,Wolki,  Gluck, Godard, Reinhardt, Franck,
 Dunnebeil, Stolzel  and Monti which includes the accompaniment of solo and concerto performances for
 mandolin, flute, accordion, clarinet, oboe, cello, shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) and soprano voice.

CD ForgottenDreams
Forgotten Dreams
Produced by Move Records 2002 - MCD 225
The Ensemble plays pieces by Ritter, Hadjidakis, Mozart, Pakenham, De Curtis, Di Capua,
Witt, Theodorakis, Goodin and Trad which includes the accompaniment of solo and concerto performances for
mandola, flute, shakuhachi

                                                                      Salut d'Amour                                                                       
(Re-printed 2006)
First produced by Move Records 1996 - MCD 080
The Ensemble plays pieces  by Wolki, Cecere, Schultz, Biber, Calace, Walter, Dunnebeil, Mozart, Elgar, Palmer/Hughes & Witt  which includes the accompaniment of solo and concerto performances for mandolin, guitar, flute, accordion and soprano voice

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